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Whether Online or In-Person, ILA has a range of programs that meet the needs, schedule, and budgets of each students. Our individualized approach to language learning sets us apart from other language school. 

Academic Intensive English Program 

  •  23-25 hours of class time per week, has levels ranging from beginner to advanced, and includes test preparation courses and electives.

  • The course focuses on Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, and Reading and Writing. 

  • The Intensive English program consists of 12 levels; students can successfully complete one level during each four-week session.

General English Program

  • 18-22 hours of class time per week, has levels ranging from beginner to advanced, and includes test preparation courses. 

  • F1 Student requirements by providing a minimum of 18 hours a week of class time.

  • Like the Intensive English Program, this program focuses on Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, and Reading and Writing.

Semi- Intensive

English Program

  • 16 hours or less of English study per week.

  • This program is designed to help individuals and students achieve English language proficiency through a more relaxed class schedule.

  • The program focuses on Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing from beginner to advanced levels.

Business English


  • This professional training course incorporates current business theory with practical and critical thinking skills, to provide a context based approach to business English.

  • We customize the Business English course to the needs of the students and their sponsor, with special emphasis on Marketing, Finance, Management, and Human Resources. 

Conversation English Program

  •  Our conversation class helps people practice their day to day conversations and accent reduction.

  • This class is perfect for those looking for a more flexible, relaxed, informal way to learn English.

  • Available in the evenings and requires no textbook purchase.

  • This program can also act as an additional elective for students already enrolled in another ILA program.

1:1, Test Prep, & Many More Programs! 

  • ILA offers one on one sessions to better meet individual needs and time frames.

  • ILA offers a variety of test preparation classes to better prepare students who are taking TOEFL and IELTS with sessions that are held during regular class hours, the evening, and on weekends to better accommodate individual needs.

University Partnerships.

Group Students Smilling
Marymount University

Forget about TOEFL/IELTS!

Marymount will now accept ILA students who have completed Level 12 with a final score of 85 percent or higher, provided that the students fulfill all other admission requirements. What does this mean for you? It means you can forget about the TOFEL and IELTS exam!

UMW Bridge Program

Guaranteed Admission

 Our bridge program offers much more than just teaching students the English language skills necessary to excel in their studies in the US. With the ILA to Mary Washington Bridge Program, once you complete the Intensive English Program at ILA, you can directly transfer into UMW

College Students in Corridor
INTO Pathway Programs

Learn Anywhere

ILA is a proud partner of the INTO Pathway Program. Every year, INTO assist thousands of prospective students from around the world to study at leading universities in the US. You are guaranteed a great international education with INTO, wherever you choose to study.


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